Installation of a battery storage facility with associated works – Minchens Lane Bramley Hampshire

Penso Battery Storage Application – The Blot on the Landscape

There has been a lot of confusion between the Enso solar farm application (20/03403/FUL) and the Penso battery storage application (21/00349/FUL). This confusion is quite understandable given the timing of both applications, similar development ‘theme’ and the fact their names are only one letter apart. 

Although the battery application takes up less land, it is very close to Bramley and, with parts of it up to 22 feet high, is impossible to hide. We consider this will be another blot on the landscape and we object to it on the following grounds;

  1. Loss of good quality agricultural land.
  2. Further loss of open fields and farmland therefore changing the character of the area. 
  3. Impact on the Silchester Trail and Brenda Parker Way which run adjacent to the site.
  4. Visual Harm to the countryside and setting of Bramley Frith Wood.
  5. Damage to our Cultural Heritage.
  6. Loss of land for deer, red kites and other wildlife.
  7. Construction disruption via Minchens lane for up to 12 months.

Penso v Enso

We were quite understandably suspicious about the proximity of the developments, timing of applications and names when Penso initially submitted their application.  Therefore, we wanted to clarify some points.

  • Penso Power Ltd are a separate company from Enso Energy. There are no common shareholders.
  • Penso was founded in 2017 by individuals with significant industry experience. They recently built Europe’s largest battery storage scheme in Wiltshire. 
  • Comparably, Enso was only founded in 2020, have yet to complete a project and their main shareholders own 13 other companies with similarly small paper trails. 
  • Penso plan to build a standalone grid-connected battery energy storage development close to the SSE/National grid GSP Bramley substation. While Enso’s application includes its own battery storage facilities. 
  • Penso will not be providing renewable energy exclusively from Enso’s site if both are approved, in fact it will not exclusively be connecting renewable energy to the grid although most of its messaging focuses on how it will facilitate renewables. 

To be clear our group has been formed by concerned residents around Silchester and Bramley originally for the purpose to object to Enso’s proposed solar farm. We believe the damage it will inflict on 210 acres of our countryside is unacceptable. You can read more about why we object here

Nonetheless, we know many members of our community are also concerned about the impact the battery storage facility may have on Bramley. Bramley Parish Council have already resolved to object and we are also objecting for the above reasons. Cllr Alan Munday one of the members of Bramley PC has written a personal objection letter you can read here (insert PDF).

We have drafted a template letter for you to use if you wish; edit yourself and then send to It must have the reference 21/00349/FUL  in the subject and must contain your full name and address

We hope this helps anyone who has been confused by the existence of two planning applications.

How to Object

Online on the Basingstoke and Deane planning Portal

Here you can object directly on the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Portal

You have to register and you can cut and paste from our Word & PDF templates if you like.

Email Basingstoke and Deane Development control

You can send an email to which must have the reference 21/00349/FUL  in the subject and must contain your full name and address. Again you can cut and paste content from our templates here when you email them please remember to put the

By Post

You can write your own letter or print and sign the pdf & Word template including your address and post to 

Development Control Civic Offices
London Road
RG21 4AH

Always make sure the reference 21/00349/FUL  is included.

Battery Storage Objection Templates