Bramley Solar Protest March News Coverage

thanks for everybody who turned up to show support today, it was a terrific turnout !

Todays protest against the solar farm went really well, the press did turn up, and we ended up on national TV





We support solar BUT…

  1. Not at this scale
    • Largest industrial installation on greenfield in the country – 210 acres
    • 120 Football pitches/ 85 hectares – Enormous – Industrial
    • Twice the size of Silchester (and the Vatican), same size as Bramley
    • Why aren’t we using roof space on new builds and industrial estates?
  2. Will ruin the landscape
    • Enclosed footpaths with 6.5ft mesh fencing, CCTV, 11ft high transformers
    • Less open space, just when we need it for our mental health
    • Huge batteries – the size of 40-foot containers on lorries
  3. Loss of agricultural land
    • You can’t grow agricultural fields, we will lose them for 40 years
    • Fields are for food – not huge industrial installations
    • Largest industrial solar park on greenfield in the country
    • Why aren’t we using roof space on new builds and industrial estates?
  4. Loss of archaeology
    • We live among some of the most famous Roman ruins in the country
    • This industrial park can be seen from our ancient Roman Village – Calleva
    • It covers and is close to sites of significant archaeological interest
    • We should respect these significant discoveries & amazing historical sites