June Solar Farm “Update”

On the 7th June Aardvark the planners behind The Bramley Solar Farm “responded” to our 672 objections and “updated” their application. 

Having looked at the minor changes made by the applicant we are very disappointed this application remains essentially unchanged. None of the additional information changes the objections raised in our original letters. Enso has once again ignored the local community; considering this application was submitted last December there has been plenty of time for the applicant to engage with us but no effort has been made, nor have they properly addressed the many points we have raised still choosing to reference community compensation like the forest school which we have stated we neither want nor need due to the existing forest school. 

Our original objections therefore remain valid. If the applicant really considers adding a little bit more planting overcomes the loss of so much valuable countryside with open walking routes and good quality agricultural land, it shows their lack of understanding of the local needs of the community. Mental health is a growing issue for residents and, with an additional 200 new homes recently built in Bramley, it is even more important for the local cherished walks to be maintained. These are well used paths and to surround them with a mass of solar panels is unacceptable.

Due to their poor “update” we do not feel it is necessary for each of the 672 objectors to re-object, everything they have written it to say so far remains valid due to the minority of these “changes”. Instead we will submit one letter on behalf of the Solar Farm Resident’s Group to articulate the above to the planning officer.

Please do not submit your own objection – it is not worth your time and we will need your energy for if this application goes to committee instead. 

Many thanks to everyone who has supported our community so far. 

Kind regards, 

The Solar Farm Resident’s Group