Food for thought: Commercial Roofs or Precious Countryside

A very interesting piece of research by British Research Establishment published in last week’s Times (20th March) highlights that there is an estimated 250,000 hectares of south-facing commercial roof space in the UK which could provide 50% of the UK’s electricity supply if fitted with solar panels. 

This is just commercial roofs, never mind the number of residential roofs out there too! It is just south-facing roofs for the optimal sunshine too – so very targeted! 

Research like this really makes you question why Enso want to cover 210 acres of our good quality agricultural land with solar panels. Why destroy 140 football pitches worth of Red Kite hunting ground and destroy our Lottery Funded local pathway with 6ft high fences for just 49.9MW for distribution to the national grid when there could be a more sustainable and less visually damaging solution to produce so much more power? 

This proposal risks scaring our valuable green space for decades to come because it is the wrong size, wrong type and is in the wrong place; you still have time to object!

Thank you so much to the Bramley couple who shared this Times piece with us. If you see anything like this or any counter arguments that demonstrates the other side which you think would be of interest, please contact or email us