Enso reply to the sitting on the fence article – by Debbie Grey

A few days ago we submitted Debbie Greys article – sitting on the fence to Enso Power – as we thought we should give them a chance to reply before it gets published in the Bramley Magazine shortly.

They replied, and here is the article. The response comes from Tom O’Hare – project developer. Click here to discover more about Enso Energy

Response from Enso Below !

Climate change is a serious threat to our planet

We know that local people recognise this, and so does Basingstoke and Borough Council who declared a Climate Emergency in September 2019 and are working to make Basingstoke and Deane a carbon neutral borough by 2030. The Borough as it stands only generates 39.9MW from renewable energy sources*. The proposed solar farm and battery storage facility will more than double the amount of renewable generation within the Borough and support Basingstoke and Deane in achieving that goal. 

 We completely understand that there are local concerns regarding the size of the project and the impact on the local environment. We’d like to provide further information on those two issues, all of which can be found in the planning application via the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council website. 

 As part of the planning application, we are required to conduct an ecological assessment. The assessment found that the solar farm will make a considerable (37.45% in habitat units and 23.25% in hedgerows) positive net gain on biodiversity. Our proposals have many significant biodiversity advantages, including the reconnection of ancient woodlands through new planting, to create a woodland bridge between habitats. Solar farms support biodiversity by encouraging small animals access to the land, this is achieved by planting bird and pollinator insect friendly plants and wildflowers around the modules. We’re proposing to create a Wildflower Avenue along the Brenda Way Public footpath and the reinstatement of an historic hedgerow on either side of a 20m wide public footpath corridor. We’re also planning to plant substantial tree belts to create green corridors across the site, to reinforce the perception of a solar farm within a woodland setting. The land will depart from being farmed intensively and will see significantly increased ecological diversity. This is a different scheme with a different approach to biodiversity to the site at Little London. 

 During the public consultation process a number of residents expressed concerns about the scale and size of the development. The submitted scheme has a reduction in the area of land that is to be used to create renewable energy, ‘Field 3’ has had its panels removed and replaced with grassland habitat and woodland. We are aware that there is concern locally with regards ‘the battery storage area which would be in the field adjacent to Electricity Road, the size of 75 shipping containers’, it’s important to note that this is unrelated to Bramley Frith Solar and is not being proposed by Enso Energy.

Enso Energy is committed to making the idea of a country run on renewable energy, a reality. Bramley Frith Solar Farm will supply 49.9MW of clean renewable electricity to the National Grid, and will supply enough renewable energy to meet the electrical needs of 17,000 homes locally. The anticipated CO2 displacement is around 25,000 tonnes per annum, which represents an emission saving equivalent of a reduction in 8,000 cars on the road every year. 


 Tom O’Hare  – Enso Energy

Response from Enso Above !