Silchester Parish Council Objects to Bramley Solar Farm

Last night, 1st February 2021, Silchester Parish Council agreed unanimously to object to the proposed solar farm between Silchester and Bramley. 

Cllr Graham Wright raised concerns over Enso and the way they have conducted themselves. In particular he highlighted their poor engagement with Silchester saying “we [Silchester] have been ignored until now”.

Cllr David Livingstone focused on the harm the panels will cause to the open countryside and said the land will change “from open fields to industrial land”. He also voiced concerns about what would happen after the Solar Farm reaches the end of its life stating there is a risk it may lead to a housing development as it will be a brown field site. 

Chairman Mike Baldock commented on the inaccuracies and vagueness of the planning application, citing that there was a “stunning lack of detail” around important things such as early screening. 

All seven councillors concluded that, although solar energy is something they support in principle, this project is in the wrong location, is the wrong size, and it is being done by the wrong company

This follows Bramley Parish Council’s objection earlier this year (19th January 2021) and now means that both Parish Councils representing the two villages affected by the proposed solar farm have opposed it. 

However, this is not enough to stop the scheme. Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is ultimately responsible for determining the planning application and it is important as many residents as possible register their objection

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